Eesti Pank compiles and publishes Estonia’s national balance of payments, and collects and disclosures financial sector statistics necessary for the performance of its functions. These statistics are used widely in domestic and international monetary policy analysis and in assessment of financial sector stability and risks. The statistics compiled by Eesti Pank is also part of the statistics of the EU and European Monetary Union, compiled by Eurostat and the European Central Bank.

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The review of financing and lending in the non-financial sector covers banking and leasing statistics, financial accounts analysis and credit supply and demand. It is published once a year.

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Ministry of Finance
Riikliku vanaduspensioni, kohustusliku kogumispensioni ja vabatahtliku kogumispensioni statistika seisuga 31.12.2013


Estonian Financial Supervision
The Estonian financial services market grew in 2013
In 2013 volumes grew in all financial service categories. The quickest growth could be seen in the funds sector 19%, with the growth no longer relying solely on pension funds, but also on equity funds and real estate funds. The popularity of investment products was enhanced by low interest rates, which forced people to search for alternatives to term deposits.

The total volume of clients’ deposits grew by 8% (i.e. 1 billion euros) in 2013, supported mainly by the growth in demand deposits and overnight deposits. The total volume of loan portfolios of banks grew by 2.2% (i.e. 309 million euros) in 2013.

The volume of insurance premiums in life insurance grew by 9% in 2013, amounting to 74 million euros. The volume of insurance premiums in non-life insurance grew by 6%.

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